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In Defence of Social Rights in Greece

Last weekend the Greek Parliament discussed and finally passed a bill on the new national insurance system. The bill which had been proposed by the government introduces further reductions of the higher pensions, a gradual elimination of the pensioners’ social solidarity allowance and the establishment of a national pension that amounts to 384€ per month. […]

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A Very Ugly Opposition: Anti-Semites Versus Islamophobes in British Politics

We all know that democratic politics is about building coalitions of different interest groups, bringing people together to hammer out a common position that serves the majority. The inverse of this tendency, equally if not more important, is carefully managing where the inevitable divisions caused by such coalitions fall. European history is replete with cases […]

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Without a Political Alternative, the Panama Papers Change Nothing

Marx himself could not have written it: a secretive law firm, headquartered in a tiny Central American country, whose sole raison d’être is to help the world’s super-rich and super-powerful circumvent democratic oversight of their activities. Amongst Mossack Fonseca’s clients are several prominent Western politicians, the hit man cousin of Syria’s President Assad and the […]

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