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It’s Only Over When It’s Over

When the British government announced that 52 percent of the population had voted to leave the European Union, this seemed to be a final decision. Right-wing populists from Marine le Pen in France to Geert Wilders in the Netherlands euphorically congratulated the Leave voters and already demanded their own national referendums. Global stock markets lost […]

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TTIP and CETA – Myths Debunked

90,000 protesters in Hanover (Germany) expressed their displeasure and discomfort with the secret negotiations about TTIP and CETA, when Obama visited the city in April. 250,000 had preceded them last October in Berlin. Meanwhile more than 3.45 million people have signed the online petition Stop TTIP – I am one of them. On Monday, 2 […]

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In Defence of Social Rights in Greece

Last weekend the Greek Parliament discussed and finally passed a bill on the new national insurance system. The bill which had been proposed by the government introduces further reductions of the higher pensions, a gradual elimination of the pensioners’ social solidarity allowance and the establishment of a national pension that amounts to 384€ per month. […]

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