A wish for the elections



My name is Héctor. I am 24 years old and I am a political and international relations analyst. I work at a think tank in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  What I write here reflects solely my own views.

In the last 2 years I have visited Brussels lots of times and for different reasons; many times for political reasons, and more specifically for reasons concerning European politics.
As my fellow-bloggers, I was born when my home country, Spain, was already a member of the EU and I cannot imagine a world or a country where the EU is not a reality. But, just because I consider myself as pro-European, I take the liberty of criticising the EU, as positive criticism is a precondition for changing things you do not like.
I do not like the European Union as it is today. I do want more Europe, but a different one and here comes my wish. All the times I talked with MEPs and asked why the EU has acted the way it did during the crisis, the answer was that it was because the Commission and the Parliament are dominated by the liberal-conservative family. So, my wish is for the left-wing families within the European Parliament to unite and form a leftist front to create a better Europe. If they fail to do so and if what comes after the elections are more neo-liberal recipes and policies, I will know that every time the left blames the right, the shame will be on them because they did not do what needs to be done.

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